Survival Trivia: Water

By Mykel Hawke and Ruth England Hawke

Photo by Kim Martin

Q: On average, what percent of the human body is water?
a. 90%
b. 30%
c. 60%
d. 85%

Q: What is the average amount of water per day a male adult needs?
a. 4 liters
b. 1 liter
c. 10 liters
d. 2 gallons

Q: How long can a person go without water?
a. 2 days
b. 3 days
c. 1 day
d. 1 week

Q: When is it possible to drink urine?
a. anytime
b. last chance
c. never
d. first pass

Q: When is it possible to drink sea water?
a. when mixed with fresh water
b. never
c. anytime
d. last chance

Q: How can you make water safe to drink with rock?
a. filtering through pores
b. absorption of toxins
c. soaking to clean
d. heating to boil

Q: How can you create pure water from leaves?
a. through distillation
b. sucking moisture out of them
c. crushing them for juice
d. leaching them in water

Q: What’s the best way to get water from a tree in a temperate climate?
a. from sap
b. collection reservoir
c. from root
d. spike to center

Q: How can you tell a water vine from other vines?
a. hollow sound, rough bark
b. hollow sound, smooth bark
c. solid sound, rough bark
d. solid sound, smooth bark

Q: Where is the best place to seek water in a dry riverbed?
a. shallowest part
b. inside bend
c. outside bend
d. widest part


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