Survival Trivia: Food

By Mykel Hawke and Ruth England Hawke

Photo by Julia Filirovska

Q: Which white berry is safe to eat?
a. white blackberry
b. white baneberry
c. mistletoe berry
d. dogwood berry

Q: Which of these black berries is not safe to eat?
a. European nightshade
b. American blackberry
c. northwest huckleberry
d. pacific salal berry

Q: Which of these red berries is poisonous?
a. red baneberry
b. dogwood berry
c. sumac berry
d. thimble berry

Q: Which of these sea creatures is poisonous to eat?
a. flamboyant cuttlefish
b. blue ringed octopus
c. venomous sea snake
d. toxic sea urchin

Q: Which one of these snakes is NOT edible?
a. all snakes are edible
b. black mamba
c. king cobra
d. Gabon viper

Q: Which of these mammals is the least safe to eat?
a. platypus
b. porcupine
c. skunk
d. armadillo

Q: Which turtle is poisonous to eat?
a. hawksbill sea turtle
b. box shell land turtle
c. alligator snapping turtle
d. bottlenose softshell turtle

Q: Which kind of bird is poisonous to eat?
a. hooded pitohui
b. vulture
c. buzzard
d. bald ibis

Q: Which fish has deadly, poisonous organs if eaten?
a. fugu
b. sea pig
c. toadfish
d. lumpfish

Q: Which of these creatures is NOT edible?
a. all are edible
b. scorpion
c. tarantula
d. centipede


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