Survival Trivia: Fire

By Mykel Hawke and Ruth England Hawke

Photo by Mykel Hawke

Q: What is the best of these woods for starting a friction fire?
a. yucca
b. ironwood
c. Osage orange
d. red oak

Q: Which of these fire-starting methods require cordage?
a. bow drill
b. fire plow
c. hand drill
d. bamboo saw

Q: What is the best technique for a safe fire in high winds on open ground?
a. Dakota hole
b. fox hole
c. cat hole
d. fire hole

Q: What is the best way to retain heat from a fire for a shelter?
a. fire wall
b. stone ring
c. coal bed
d. fire shelter

Q: What type of rock should NOT be used for fires?
a. river
b. granite
c. sandstone
d. quartz

Q: Which of these formations is the best for starting a fire?
a. teepee
b. pile
c. bundle
d. circle

Q:  What do you call the small ball of fire-starting material?
a. tinder
b. tender
c. tundra
d. twine

Q:  Of these poor fuel choices, which is not a type of wood for burning?
a. mossy barks
b. rotten logs
c. milky saps woods
d. green branches

Q: Which kind of wood is most difficult for starting a friction fire?
a. iron
b. hard
c. soft
d. medium

Q: What is the best primitive way to transport a fire to a new camp?
a. fungus carry
b. brush fire
c. twig torch
d. coal hold

Q: Which of the following is not a fire extender?
a. flint
b. lamb fat
c. Vaseline
d. rubber

Q: Why would you use a smudge fire in a survival situation?
a. cook food
b. signal to help
c. get rid of insects
d. boil water


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