Survival Trivia: Edibles

By Mykel Hawke and Ruth England Hawke

Photo by Kim Martin

Q: Which of these weeds is good to eat?
a. dandelion weed
b. poke weed
c. hemlock weed
d. oleander weed

Q: Which of these flowers is edible?
a. rose
b. lily
c. iris
d. daffodil

Q: Which of these cacti is considered NOT to be edible?
a. saguaro
b. nopales
c. pipe cactus
d. prickly pear

Q: Which of these swamp plants is edible?
a. cattail
b. horsetail
c. belladonna
d. water hemlock

Q: Which of these marsh plants is edible?
a. lily pad tuber
b. foxglove
c. philodendron
d. elephant ear

Q: Which of these tree barks is edible?
a. pine
b. manchineel
c. yew
d. rhododendron

Q: Which of these cooked roots is edible?
a. yucca root
b. mandrake root
c. snakeroot
d. monkshood

Q: Which of these leaves are edible?
a. pine needles
b. laurels
c. azaleas
d. buttercups

Q: Which of these nuts are NOT edible raw?
a. cashews
b. macadamias
c. beeches
d. candlenuts

Q. Which of these seaweeds are NOT edible?
a. none
b. red algae
c. brown algae
d. sea grapes

Q: What does the presence of milky sap in a plant usually mean?
a. it’s poisonous
b. it’s full of calcium
c. it’s very nutritious
d. the plant is dying

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