By Yana DeMyer

Photo by Yana DeMyer

My goal with my must-haves is being able to survive in an urban or wilderness setting if “shtf” and I am away from home. I planned for three days with an eye towards longer terms for a really bad situation. What I have in my “bug-out/git home bag” in the car at all times:

1. Water: A Nalgene 32 oz (1L) water bottle, filled, and a Roving Blue O-Pen or GO-3 to refill using surface waters.

2. Shelter: An ultralight tent and sleeping bag, Patagonia down jacket, rain poncho, change of clothes, hiking boots in summer, winter boots in winter.

3. Food/Food prep: Three-day food supply (partly consisting of quick energy bars, freeze-dried meals, and pasta), mini rocket stove, pot set, spork.

4. Protection: Kimber micro 9 and ammo (I conceal carry); compact .22 rifle and ammo.

5. Tools: a Leatherman Wave, spool of paracord, cigarette lighter, fire kit, flashlight, compass, hand axe, bolt cutter.

6. Fishing: Fishing pole and tackle.

7. Comms: Baofeng handheld ham radio, AM/FM/shortwave/weather radio.

8. Medical: First aid kit and meds.

9. Navigation: Garmin Rino, compass.

10. Reference materials: Topo map book of the state of Wisconsin, Mykel Hawke and Douglas Boudreau’s Foraging for Survival book.